Saturday, 6 October 2007

Playlist for Saturday, 06 October 2007

00:58 Haunts::Low Slung City Skyline
01:06 Stars::Take Me To The Riot
01:08 Guided By Voices::Everywhere With Helicopter
01:12 Oli 'N' Clive::Excuse Me
01:16 The Royal We::All The Rage
01:27 Underworld::Crocodile
01:29 Battles::Atlas
01:38 Teki Latex Feat. Lio::Les Matins De Paris
01:42 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names::Loop Duplicate My Heart
01:43 Buraka Som Sistema::Wawaba (V1.8)
01:46 Daft Punk::Prime Time Of Your Life
01:54 Munk::Kick Out The Chairs
01:58 The Teenagers::Homecoming
02:02 Clinic::If You Could Read Your Mind
02:09 Yourcodenameis: Milo::I'm Impressed
02:13 Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew::Backed Out On The...
02:17 The Notwist::Pick Up The Phone
02:21 Misty's Big Adventure::Night Time Better Than The Daytime
02:23 Part Chimp::New Cross
02:27 Shitdisco::I Know Kung Fu
02:31 Art Brut::Direct Hit
02:35 Plasticines::Loser
02:39 We Start Fires::Play You
02:41 Beach House::Master Of None
02:45 Stephanie Dosen::Only Getting Better
02:47 Sparklehorse::Piano Fire (Remix)
02:51 Taken By Trees::Lost And Found

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