Sunday, 6 January 2008

Playlist for Sunday, 06 January 2008

00:57 Thomas Traux::Why Dogs Howl At The Moon
01:05 Ladytron::Destroy Everything You Touch
01:09 Lemon Jelly::Make Things Right
01:13 Los Campesinos!::Death To Los Campesinos! first play
01:17 The Lionheart Brothers::50 Souls And A Disco Bowl first play
01:19 Two Gallants::The Prodigal Son
01:23 Misty's Big Adventure::Night Time Better Than The Daytime
01:26 The Flaming Lips::WAITIN' FOR A SUPERMAN
01:29 Prefuse 73::The Class Of 73 Bells
01:37 Sebastien Tellier::Broadway first play
01:41 O Fracas::Factfinding
01:45 The Rogers Sisters::Why Won't You
01:49 The Matches::Salty Eyes
01:55 Fair To Midland::Dance To The Manatee
01:57 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man::Motherhood
01:58 Untitled Music Project::The People Vs Michael Miller
02:01 Pavement::CARROT ROPE
02:09 Sargasso Trio::Heels On Fire
02:12 Panda Bear::Comfy In Nautica
02:14 Stars::The Night Starts Here
02:16 Sigur Ros::Svefn G Englar
02:24 Tiger Force::Hey Yo Square Eyes
02:34 I Was A Cub Scout::Pink Squares
02:36 Air::Playground Love
02:40 St Vincent::Jesus Saves, I Spend
02:44 Elle S'Appelle::Little Flame
02:44 One Eskimo::Hometown
02:48 The Knife::We Share Our Mothers Health
02:54 Beirut::Elephant Gun

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