Friday, 14 November 2008

Playlist for Friday, 14 November 2008

00:59 Lykke Li::Breaking It Up
01:03 Stricken City::Lost Art
01:06 Sky Larkin::Fossil, I
01:09 Whirlwind Heat::Reagan
01:12 Le Tetsuo::Your Elbow
01:14 Popular Workshop::Reptilians
01:17 Make Model::The Was
01:21 The Kills::Tape Song
01:27 Cazwell ft. Jonny Makeup::I Seen Beyonce At Burger..
01:28 Mekon Feat. Rita Brown::Boy Smitten first play
01:31 Andrea Doria::Bucci Bag
01:35 Audio Bullys ft. Nancy Sinatra::Shot You Down
01:38 High Contrast::When The lights Go Down first play
01:43 The Joy Formidable::Austere
01:46 Kasms::Taxidermy
01:48 Black Heart Procession::Not Just Words
01:52 Lay Low::Please Don't Hate Me first play
01:54 Jeffrey Lewis::Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror
02:00 El Perro Del Mar::Glory To The World
02:03 The Fall::HIT THE NORTH
02:07 Hot Club De Paris::Hey Housebrick
02:09 Lukestar::White Shade
02:13 Psapp::The Monster Song
02:19 Air::Once Upon A Time
02:23 Tonik::A Random Mouse Book
02:25 The Acorn::The Flood Pt.1
02:30 Wishing Stone::Howling Bells
02:33 It Hugs Back::Work Day
02:36 Holy Ghost Revival::Embrace The Hate
02:39 She And Him::Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
02:42 Celebration::War
02:45 The Constantines::Hard Feelings
02:49 Jeniferver::From Across The Sea
02:53 The Rosie Taylor Project::A Good Cafe On George Street
02:57 The Concretes::Seems Fine

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