Saturday, 14 February 2009

You want 120 Minutes back? Put the message on your Facebook profile!

I have put together a Facebook application: "BRING BACK 120 MINUTES" will let you add a box to your profile page, which can display your comment on the situation. To add some social networking to it, you can configure it to display comments of your friends or anyone else. It also shows a link to the online petition, and if you wish, it displays the number of signatures on it.

So to keep yourself and your friends up to date... add "BRING BACK 120 MINUTES" to your Facebook profile!


  1. Hi there

    I've started a 120 minutes style Spotify playlist. I'll be updating it every Sunday.

    Link here:

    Would be grand if you could make a post about it :)


  2. So what's happening with this petition? Are we going to Downing Street with it or what?