Thursday, 27 March 2014

120 Minutes is back... for two nights only!

It has been years since the final episode of 120 Minutes on MTV2. I can now confirm that the axing of 120 Minutes was a clear indicator for the decline of music television. After it had gone, broadcast music television did not have much to offer for the music enthusiast, as also the rest of MTV2's original programming was taken off air. As we know today, this coincided with the internet becoming ever more important, developing into the integral part of music discovery culture that it is today. But having instant access to everything does not replace the most important aspect of an eclectic programme on tv like 120 Minutes was: curation. Music tv confronted you with new stuff. Instant new musical loves as well as those things that needed some getting used to before you came to appreciate them. Optimally served in small doses, mixed in a foundation of hyped tracks and treasured classics.

If you are among those who still miss the greatness of 120 Minutes, there is good news. MTV brings back 120 Minutes for a single night: Monday 5th May, 11pm on MTV Classic. This is following an even more important and interesting event, as 120 Minutes for the first time hits the cinema screen in East London. The Hackney Picturehouse is hosting a unique night of 120 Minute goodness on the 24th of April 2014. It includes a feature length set of videos, curated by the original programmers of 120 Minutes. The night continues as some of the show's talent from both on and off the screen make it to the stage in the cinema. Finally, a special tribute club night will take place in the cinema's event space, the Hackney Attic, as the show's original programmers get behind the decks.
I'm massively looking forward to it. Not only can I enjoy some 120 Minute quality music videos (and on a cinema screen... how cool is that?), but I will also be amidst people who miss the good days of music television as much as I do. Tickets are on sale now on the Hackney Picturehouse web site. This is strictly not to be missed.

In other news, I have launched my own web-based music tv channel. But that will be subject of another blog article...


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  2. That's excellent news! Thanks so much for posting about this. I haven't seen anything about this anywhere else so I'd probably have never known about either of these happenings. Must see if I can get down to London for the event on the 24th April.

    I recently revisited your blog after several years, as I was putting together a sort of radio tribute to 120 Minutes, featuring some of the tracks I remembered being featured over the years. I came back to link to your blog and saw this news, so it's a timely coincidence.

    The show was broadcast on Saturday 29th March and you can listen here if you like

    I've also posted a video playlist of the music I featured on the show here

  3. I was hoping to get the chance to meet you last night Sven, as I used to follow this blog very regularly back in the day, but I had to leave straight after the show. Spent the morning putting together the playlist:

    You'll note I've rectified the scandalous Bobby Conn omission. I assume there will be an extra half hour on MTV Classic, if anyone notes down the extra videos I'll add them too.

  4. If anyone recorded these episodes to DVD-R or a good quality video file, PLEASE contact me.

  5. If anyone see's this message I too would like a copy of that episode! Did not know 120 minutes came back this year, devastated I missed it. To be fair, when 120 minutes was cancelled I gave up on MTV altogether.

  6. Ps, my email address for the above comment is Also, a big massive thank you to Tarvis! currently listening to the playlist :D

  7. I recorded the 120 Minutes Revisited show. It's on my Sky box, which is currently inactive while I move house. I should be able to put this onto DVD-R or upload a video file somewhere, in the near future. I will let you both know.

    1. Thank YOU so much Steve :D

      Please shoot me an e-mail once you are done.

      I would love to obtain a physical DVD-R set of the program if there is any way possible.

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