Monday, 5 January 2009

120 Minutes is gonna be back tonight!

After a christmas and new year break, 120 Minutes is going to be on the air again, tonight at 1am. Let's see whether there are going to be some new additions to the playlist. The last couple of weeks, with the "Best of 2008" editions, there was hardly any brand new material on. Or maybe, MTV TWO continues to air "Best of 2008" shows for a while. The stuff they showed was ace, no doubt about it, but as a fan of 120 Minutes, you are always greedy for the hot new shit, ain't you? Let's see what the new year brings us. Whether it be tonight or in a week or so from now... If the hot new stuff in 2009 is going to be as great as what we saw last year, well, 120 Minutes people... bring it on then!

That about wraps it up. Happy new year, everyone!

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