Friday, 30 January 2009

Your action required: Sign the online petition!

Hey guys.

I've just found this link over on the 120 Minutes discussion board:

Keep 120 Minutes on MTV2 Petition
(quick link:

Go and sign it! It already has 136 signatures as of the time I'm writing this post.

Cheers, Sven.


  1. Sven,

    Thanks for the support, and mostly for the effort you've put into the playlists over the years.

    120 will be back, I'm sure!

    Lee (weymart).

  2. signed too
    let's see if we can beat viacoms's 'kill the remaining music' policy :P
    Is it only me or has every change made mtv2 worse as it was before the change, now putting the channel at the very bottom (or even under the bottom) of the well? (More soap operas on MTV! f*ck yeh! play 10 vids over and over hell yeh!)