Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Playlist for Wednesday, 14 January 2009

00:59 Amazing Baby::Pump Your Brakes
01:04 Herman Dune::I Wish That I Could See You Soon
01:09 George Pringle::I Love You But You're Bringing..
01:12 She And Him::Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
01:15 TV On The Radio::Golden Age
01:19 Ladytron::Destroy Everything You Touch
01:23 Psapp::About Fun
01:26 James Yiull::This Sweet Love
01:29 Band Of Horses::The Funeral
01:33 Death Cab For Cutie::No Sunlight
01:36 Those Dancing Days::Home Sweet Home
01:39 XX Teens::Darlin
01:47 Headless Heroes::The North Wind Blew South
01:51 Holy Ghost Revival::Angel Of Death
01:56 The Magnificents::Apollo Creed
02:03 Thunderheist::Jerk It
02:03 Who Made Who::Space For Rent
02:07 Toddla T::Manabadman
02:10 Does It Offend You, Yeah?::Weird Science
02:14 The Japanese Popstars::Rise Of Ulysses
02:17 Metronomy::A Thing For Me first play
02:21 The Knife::You Take My Breath Away
02:25 Stereolab::Neon Beanbag
02:29 The Walkmen::Louisiana
02:33 My Morning Jacket::Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
02:37 Laura Marling::Ghosts
02:40 Adam Green::Nat King Cole
02:42 Awesome Color::Eyes Of Light
02:50 The Kills::Cheap And Cheerful
02:52 Clinic::Tomorrow
02:56 Broken Records::Lies

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