Sunday, 25 January 2009

Playlist for Sunday, 25 January 2009

00:58 Sky Larkin::Beeline
01:00 Amazing Baby::Pump Your Brakes
01:05 The Kills::Tape Song
01:09 Dungen::Panda
01:13 James Yuill::No Surprise first play
01:17 Scenario Rock::Skitzo Dancer Part 1
01:20 Filthy Dukes::Tupac Robot Club Rock first play
01:24 Yo Majesty::Club Action
01:31 Mr Oizo::Stunt
01:31 Jeans Team::Oh Bauer
01:34 Mylo::Drop The Pressure
01:41 Hercules & Love Affair::You Belong
01:49 She And Him::Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
01:51 PJ Harvey::Under Ether
01:53 Popular Workshop::Reptilians
01:57 Rolo Tomassi::I Love Turbulence
01:59 Death From Above 1979::Black Hostory Month
02:05 The Stills::Being Here
02:16 The Boy Least Likely To::The First Snow Flake
02:19 Royal Treatment Plant::Undercurrent
02:23 Sparks::Dick Around
02:27 Seasick Steve::Walking Man
02:29 Jellybones::The Unicorns
02:32 Frankmusik::Three Little Words
02:35 Passion Pit::Sleepyhead
02:38 London Elektricity::All Hell Is Breaking Loose
02:42 Thunderheist::Jerk It
02:45 Awesome Color::Eyes Of Light
02:49 Jimi Tenor::Spell
02:53 Ipso Facto::Six & Three Quarters
02:57 Radio 4::State Of Alert

1 comment:

  1. There was an other song between Hercules & Love affair & Red House but what was it. It didn't flash up a title so maybe that's why it didn't make the play list. The video had 4 guys dancing that looked like they were in reverse or maybe some kind of stop motion choreography.

    Any ideas?